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The Bateleur System BKBsys

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The Bateleur System offers the complete Bateleur Series in a compact 42HP case to a special low price and consists of following parts: 

- birdkids Power Midi: power supply via USB which simultaneously acts as a USB-MIDI to CV/gate/Clock interface with 16Bit resolution 
- birdkids ADSR Multimode Envelope: a digital A(H)DSR envelope generator with looping function and retrigger 
- birdkids Bateleur VCO, a discrete analog high-end oscillaotr with integrated 4-pole filter 
- birdkids VCO expander, adding resonance control, FM and a VCA 
- birdkids Mixer/Noise: four-channel mixer with integrated noise generator

This all comes in a Frap Tools Plus case - a rugged enclosure in 42HP width, with nice wooden cheeks. 



Birdkids is an Austrian company and record label based in Vienna which designs and manufactures electronic musical instruments. The company’s main product line THE BATELEUR is a Modular Synthesizer System in Eurorack format.

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