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D.S.G ALM004

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The D.S.G provides three ‘DIN Sync’ connectors with their clock and run signals split into separate jack connectors.
This allows for easy connectivity and synchronization of DIN Sync based devices with supporting Eurorack modules.

DIN Sync devices include older Roland devices such as the 606 and 808 drum machines, and the mc202 and tb303 synthesisers. Eurorack modules include ALM’s Pamela’s Workout and also DIN Sync supporting modules from other manufacturers.

Each jack is normalized to the jack above, meaning the D.S.G can also be used to distribute a clock signal to up to three external devices.



Supply: None – the module is passive
Size: 4 HP
Depth: ~25mm


See this document for syncing up Pam via a D.S.G with you 808, 606, 303 etc.

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