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A-167 Analog Comparator A-167

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A-167 is a module that compares analog voltages and derives a gate signal. The state of the gate output (low/high) depends upon which of the voltages is higher.

It is possible to compare two external voltages (+In and -In) or an external voltage (+In or -In) with a manually adjustable value (Offs. control).
Both analog inputs +In and -In are equipped with an attenuator. Internally the module generates the voltage k1*(+In) - k2*(-In) + Offset and sets or resets the gate output depending on the result of this internal voltage (>0V or <0V).

The factors k1 and k2 represent the manual attenuators. The Gap control is used to adjust a so-called "hysteresis". As long as this control is set to zero the switching levels for both on and off state of the gate signal are identical. As soon as the Gap control is turned up the switching levels for on and off state fall apart and a so-called hysteresis appears.
Normal and inverted gate outputs are available. In addition the internal voltage k1*(+In) - k2*(-In) + Offset is available at the Analog Sum socket.
Consequently the module can be used as subtractor and offset generator too.

echnical details

Width: 8HP

Signal input +
Signal output -
Analog Sum output
Cmp output
Cmp output inverted

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