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Noise Engineering Mimetic Digitalis NEmd

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Mimetic Digitalis is a 10HP step sequencer optimized for live use. MD includes four individually editable CV outputs and a trigger out. Each step can be manually programmed or use MD to live record CV sequences using the encoder. The zero button mutes the CV at a step and shred randomizes the voltage. Save and load up to 16 patterns. Edit a pattern and use undo to return to the unedited version.


Mimetic -- from Latin mimus -- "mime" with suffix -ic "pertaining to" "pertaining to mimes”
Digitalis -- from Latin “belonging to a finger”; also a plant that will kill you. “Finger mime of death”

Input & output voltages

MD will trigger on the rising edge of a signal above about 2.2v and responds to CVs from 0-5v. It outputs triggers at about 6v and CV signals from 0-5v.


XY CV sequencer


10HP Eurorack


.8 Inches


2x5 Eurorack

+12 mA

58 mA

-12 mA

22 mA

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