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Doepfer A-180-9 Multicore A-180-9

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A-180-9 is another simple but useful tool. It can be used to connect up to 14 signals between different cases by means of standard network cables (RJ45). These cables are available all over world smoothly in different lenghts and colors. From the factory two black network cables with 0.5 m length are enclosed.

The upper network connector is wired to the eight sockets 1-8, the lower to the six sockets A-F. That way it's possible to pre-patch different cases and connect signals, that are required in all cases (e.g. clock, start/stop, master CV) by means of one or two cables only instead of 14 individual patch cables. When only eight signals are required only the upper network connector is required and the sockets 1-8 are used. When more than eight signals have to be patched both network connectors have to be used. It's also possible to wire the upper and lower network to different cases (i.e. signals 1-8 to external case #1 and signals A-F to external case#2).

The module is fully passive (no power supply required) and simply wires the 14 sockets to 14 pins of the network connectors.

If the enclosed network cables are replaced by other ones pay attention that shielded cables are used. Otherwise the common GND connection is missing !

Width: 2 x 4HP / 20.0 mm
Depth: 25 mm (measured from the rear side of the front panel)
Current: 0 mA

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